Violin Technique – Left Hand Coordination

Example 1:

One of the major skills of violin-playing is coordination between left and right arms. Developing independence in each side can improve coordination.
Here Fintan demonstrates the left hand moving independently of the bowing. The bow plays only on the G string throughout the scale, while the left hand moves as usual.
This can help with:
– Maintaining bow friction independently from whichever string the left hand is on.
– A feeling of clarity in the left hand.

Example 2:
Many basic challenges of coordination are due to a late left-hand finger action. The finger may not be set up ready to play before the bowstroke happens. This creates many problems, one of which can be a hesitant bowing action.
To develop good ‘finger before bow’ technique, use stopped staccato bowstrokes within a slur, and put the finger down with a deliberate action in the break between bowstrokes.
At the slower tempo feel two beats on each note and have the new finger go down or lift on every 2nd beat – a whole beat ahead of the bow.
Another way to improve left-hand readiness is to play sautillé.

Example 3:
From Kreutzer no. 5.

From Violin Left Hand – purchase online at Twofold Media

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